Achieving Prime Focus with Meade’s 130mm Polaris Reflector Telescope

I purchased Meade’s 130mm reflector telescope as my first reflector. While I enjoyed using it, I became annoyed by the fact that I could not achieve prime focus with my Canon XS. Instead of posting step-by-step instructions, I figured I would just post my results with this particular scope. There are plenty of helpful instructions out there.

One of the easiest ways to fix this common problem is to cut a few inches off the telescope tube where the primary mirror cell is located. This was an easy fix. If you decide to do it yourself, you will probably use a different tool. I used a hacksaw!


Here is what the scope looks like with ~2 inches cut off the bottom…


Not too bad! Here is the first (unprocessed) image of the moon I got with my Canon XS after this mod. I am sure my mirror alignment was slightly off, but it works!


As you can see, this free mod definitely works with Meade’s 130mm polaris reflector telescope. Just be careful before you do it yourself! Thanks for reading!

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